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Need some space to talk...?

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Are you...
. . . feeling depressed or anxious?
. . . finding it difficult to cope after a bereavement?
. . . trying to adjust to a change in your life (e.g. retirement, illness, divorce?)
. . . having problems in a relationship or with your family?

There maybe no time when you can stop.., breathe..., look around..., reflect on and absorb what's going on for you.

No space to pause...., gather yourself together in one place... and begin to make sense of things.

Perhaps you've been soldiering on for quite some time but, underneath it all, feeling unhappy or anxious, uncertain what to do or who to turn to. Talking with friends or family is often useful and all you need most of the time, but sometimes that might not be easy. This is when meeting with a professional psychotherapist or counsellor can help - someone from outside your family or social group who offers a fresh perspective and insight to whatever is troubling you, whether it's something recent that's upset you or you've been unhappy for quite a while.

Meeting with a psychotherapist or counsellor gives you a dedicated time and space to talk in confidence, be listened to without judgment and taken seriously. I'll encourage you to slow down, take a step back and reflect on the path of your life thus far. This brings a wider perspective on who you are and what in your history may be impacting your life and behaviour now. The bigger view helps you to focus and understand yourself and current difficulties with more clarity and depth. Psychotherapy and counselling support you to self-reflect, find your own solutions and re-gain your equilibrium and confidence.

I think we all have far more inner resources than we realise and the experience of feeling listened to and understood, can help us tap into these inner strengths, enabling us find our path ahead.

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UKCP Registered Psychotherapist in Central London

I'm a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist (link to UKCP Register - Maggie Jamieson). I trained as a psychotherapist at Metanoia Institute in London where I gained an MSc. Integrative Psychotherapy (Middlesex University) in 2014. I also have a degree in Psychology, BSc.(hons), from Birkbeck College, University of London (2007) and am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).
Please visit About me for further information about my training and qualifications.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy near St.Paul's cathedral in central London. There are excellent public transport links very close by. The nearest stations are St. Paul's (Central line), Bank (Central line, Northern line and DLR), Holborn (Central line, Piccadilly line), Blackfriars (District, Circle, mainline station), Temple (District, Circle), Chancery Lane (Central), City Thameslink (mainline station). I'm also within easy reach of Southwark, Covent Garden, Waterloo, Cannon Street.

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Online & face to face appointments

I offer both online and face to face appointments during the week. Please visit Availability, fees & terms for details.

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My Approach

We're all unique and shaped by our particular life history so I tailor my work in response to each individual and their needs.

Providing a safe ground for you to stand on I offer both support and challenge:

  • I'll encourage you to be curious about yourself, to reflect on your life story and look with compassion (not self-criticism) into whatever is troubling you.
  • Draw your attention to the different ways we experience and make sense of our lives – physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological, spiritual. This holistic approach can reveal aspects of your self that you may have overlooked or even been unaware of. Greater self awareness builds confidence.
  • Share my reflections and thoughts and offer a fresh perspective.
  • I'll suggest strategies you can use in daily life to support you (e.g. to help reduce anxiety). I also bring mindfulness techniques into my work (please see Client Resources)

    Counselling & Psychotherapy offer a safe space where you can pause and gain a deeper and broader understanding of yourself and your life. Becoming more self-aware enables you to tap into your strengths, see your life and relationships more clearly, live more wholeheartedly and more consciously choose your path ahead.

    For more information about counselling/psychotherapy and what happens in the first session please go to What is Counselling/Psychotherapy? .

    Being mindful, present and aware deepens our understanding of our self and others, increases our ability to focus as well as making life and relationships more meaningful

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    My experience

    I've over 12 years clinical experience and have been seeing clients in private practice since 2014. I'm experienced in working with people bringing a wide range of concerns to therapy, for example:
    anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bereavements & loss, worries about family or relationship difficulties, divorce, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, infertility and IVF, unresolved issues and losses from the past, trauma, abuse, identity issues, work-related problems, long term illness or injury, navigating life transitions (e.g. ageing, retirement, illness or injuries), student concerns (e.g. exam stress & worry), eating disorders, social isolation and loneliness.
    I'm also experienced in working long term with trainee psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and counsellors from training institutions across London.
    Please visit About me for further information about my training and experience.

    Bereavement Counselling
    I'm particularly skilled and attuned to working in this field and was a bereavement counsellor in a hospice for over 5 years. My experience includes counselling those who have suffered a traumatic bereavement such as a sudden death, a suicide or the death of a child.
    Sometimes a death that occurred many years ago may still need to be spoken about and mourned; the impact of it given attention and the shared history with that person remembered and given a place in our lives.
    Please visit my page Bereavement Counselling for further details.

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    Counselling and Psychotherapy in Central London EC4 & Online

    I'm a Counsellor & Psychotherapist and am usually based in Fleet Street, City of London EC4 which is close to St. Paul's cathedral. Here I work from a quiet, dedicated counselling room in a discreet location. There are excellent public transport links close by and it is easily reached from most areas in Central London. The nearest stations are St. Paul's (Central line), Bank (Central line, Northern line and DLR), Holborn (Central line, Piccadilly line), Blackfriars (District, Circle, mainline station), Temple (District, Circle), Chancery Lane (Central), City Thameslink (mainline station). I'm also within easy reach of Southwark, Covent Garden, Waterloo, Cannon Street.

    I offer online sessions using Zoom and face to face sessions in Fleet St. Please visit Availability, fees & terms for more details.

    To contact me then click on the buttons on this website for phone or email. If you phone and I'm unavailable, please leave a voicemail and I'll call you back as soon as I can. I aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).

    You can also find me listed on the following Professionally Accredited Counselling websites:
    UKCP Register - Maggie Jamieson
    Metanoia Institute
    Counselling Directory
    Psychology Today

    Counselling & Psychotherapy St. Paul's - Central London EC4

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